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Real Estate Law

You have the right not to have a lawyer in cases related to immovable property, including the resolution of unlawful, irregular problems on real estate, as in other cases. However, real estate lawsuits are one of the long-lasting and one of the types of cases that should be followed frequently. For this reason, it is very important to work with lawyers specialized in this field.

Our real estate lawyers also provide consultancy services to help you avoid any problems.You can work with our lawyers in your lease contracts, in your sales and in the information related to the evaluation of real estates. The cases related to immovable properties are very comprehensive and detailed. For this reason, our lawyers specializing in real estate are a big factor for your cases.

Ömer Nazlım

Our services within the scope of real estate law;

Deed and registration cases,

Action of replevin,

Expropriation cases,

Lease price detection and registration cases,

Evacuation due to need,

In the case of a rent year two evacuation

Evacuation by reason of supererogatory occupation,

Evacuation due to reconstruction or substantial repair,

Eliminating the partnership through sale,

Eliminating the partnership with the partition

Determination of the rent price

Unable to determine the cost of rent can be opened in such cases. In the lease agreement, the rental price and the increase rate are determined between the parties. The tenant can open the case at the Magistrates' Court when there is no increase in the contract and there is a rent increase against the tenant.

Evacuation Cases,

In the event that the rental prices included in the lease agreement cannot be given or given late, the real estate is opened by the owner. The evacuation lawsuits are regulated by the Article 260 of the Code of Obligations and the Law No: 6570 on the Rent of Real Estate.

Our lawyers can take your power of attorney in the case you want to open case or can do your counseling. Leasing contracts and expert in your petitions you can get advice from our lawyers. You can get detailed information from lawyer Ömer Nazlım who is one of the lawyers who can work on your real estate problems, you can benefit from the consultancy services.