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Legal Consulting

Extending a wide range of legal rules governing the rights, obligations and relations of individuals or institutions, led to the need for a specialized legal consultancy service in these areas. The purpose of the legal advisory service to protect person receiving service from legal damage.

One characteristic of the rules of law is that it can change with time due to its nature which aims to meet the needs of the society. The follow-up of newly issued or amended legal rules, emerging situations or case law and abandoned practices is vital for the operations of individuals and institutions. One aspect of legal advice is to follow such situations according to their profession and to ensure that the service area is prepared or to protect the service area from the damages that may arise from these situations.

Avukat danışmanlık

Importance of Legal Consultant

Nowadays, the diversity of business and professional activities has resulted in the specialization of individuals or institutions in certain areas. The subject of the expertise of the person providing the legal consultancy service is the special and general legal rules regarding these areas.

The individual or institution may have an aim to operate in a certain area. However, this does not mean that he / she has the legal knowledge he / she needs. Although there are special regulations on each subject in law, some general or more basic information may be needed.

Scope of Legal Consultancy Service:

  • Preparation of all types of contracts,
  • All kinds of notice and notification,
  • Review of business relations in existing contracts,
  • Giving oral and written counseling in legal issues,
  • To inform about new laws,
  • Assuming the task of participating in negotiation meetings with third parties.

Our basic understanding is to provide legal services as effective, result oriented and fast. Lawyer Ömer NAZLIM provides legal consultancy services for both domestic and foreign companies on general legal matters, especially commercial lawLaw of Obligations, Contract Law, Administrative Law, Urban Transformation Law, Construction Law, Zoning Law and labor law.