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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights; it is the right that provides legal means to anyone who demonstrates creativity in industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields.Intellectual property is a form of economic value that is embodied on a product of individual or institutional opinions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property rights are the rights of an enterprise to use, to convert, to distribute, to disseminate, to sell, to the products, documents, visuals, identity elements, all original designs related to the works of art.

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Intellectual Property Law services;

Owner's Rights


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Industrial design

Geographical Indications


Industrial property rights; on behalf of the owners of the inventions and innovations such as brands, patents, designs, utility models and geographical signs, new designs and original works of the original works, on behalf of the owners of the products produced and sold on behalf of the owners, they are the rights that enable them to have the right to produce and sell the product.