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Foreigners Law

It is unthinkable that the rules of Foreigners Law are completely equal with citizens.According to this; The determination of rules other than the universal fundamental rights and freedoms determined by international conventions depends on the decision of the internal sovereignty of each state.

In this respect, there are transactions in which foreigners cannot perform in our country (political rights are not recognized to foreigners) and there are procedures to be subject to different rules from citizens, even if they can (Foreigners' purchase of immovable property in our country is bound to different rules.).

Apart from that, only foreigners 'applications such as residence permit, work permit, citizenship application are the subject of Foreigners' Law.

Av. Ömer Nazlım

Enforcement of Recognition Cases

Law No. 5718 on International Private Law and Procedural Law enforces enforcement and recognition practices. Decision of enforcement , relating to litigation in foreign courts finalized decrees allows execution olunmasını in Turkey. In order for this decision to be taken, the reciprocity and certain other conditions stated in the law must be realized between the country where the court is given and the country where the court is given. It is called the decision to recognize the decision made by the foreign court in order to provide definitive evidence or definitive provision in our country. This decision depends on the fulfillment of the conditions of enforcement decision.

Situation in Turkey of couples who divorced abroad

If a person is divorced abroad to be considered divorced in Turkey; It depends on the litigation in Turkey.

If the filing person will continue to be counted in the census records married in Turkey.

The type of case that should be opened is the enforcement of recognition.In order to open this case, the decision to divorce must be made by the court, not by the municipalities such as the municipality or the governor's office, as can be seen in some countries.

The dissemination of regulations related to foreigners' law to a wide area of ​​resources leads to the need for field expertise in the solution of the problems related to this issue. Our lawyers, who are experts in international contracts as well as domestic law sources, take principle to meet the your needs of this subject.