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Divorce And Family Law

Family law; all the process starting from engagement to marriage, divorce and post proceedings is a branch of law, all of which are under state control. With the Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721, fundamental changes in the field of family law have been foreseen and detailed provisions are given.Family law covers such as engagement, marriage, divorce, property regimes between spouses, alimony, family housing, marriages, adoption, custody, guardianship, guardianship, legal counseling. One of the most common legal problems encountered in the field of family law is the disagreement in the process of divorce.Our office offers services in various places in Turkey divorce lawyer.

In the case of a dispute concerning divorce and family law, it is necessary to consult a family and a divorce attorney who are experts in this field in order to resolve this dispute in the most fair and healthy way.

sivas aile avukatı

The services we offer within the scope of family law;

  • Preparation of the divorce protocol in divorce cases
  • Opening, monitoring and execution of contentious divorce cases
  • Conducting divorce cases
  • Litigations for material and moral claims
  • Alimony demand and alimony increase cases
  • Preparation of contracts on the property regime between spouses
  • Laws of liquidation of the goods regime
  • Lawsuits for the custody of the child
  • Cases related to the establishment and rejection of the paternity
  • Laws on the Prevention of Violence against Women
  • Divorce case cases filed by foreign courts

Aile Hukukunda Mal Paylaşımı

Divorce and Family Law is one of the most conflicting issues in everyday life is the family that ended the family is a matter of sharing goods arising from family law. According to this, if the family ends for various reasons, it is decided how to share the goods belonging to the individuals who make up the family. The law has made detailed arrangements about the ways in which the distribution of individuals has been prevented by the deterioration of family unity. Bunlara mal rejimleri diyoruz. Our current law on this subject is the Civil Code No. 4721.

In the former Civil Code no. 743, the legal property regime was a property separation regime. In the former Civil Code no. 743, the legal property regime was a property separation regime and since the economically viable party was male, unfair situations arose as the woman had no economic power. This situation has been corrected in the new law.