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Criminal Law and Criminal Case

Our office provides consultancy services for all kinds of criminal charges, complaints, prosecution and investigation stages, prosecution and criminal proceedings for real and legal persons and represents them in criminal courts both as accused and complainants.

In this direction; We represent our clients on issues such as preparation of complaint petition and appendices, Criminal and Magistrates' Courts of Criminal Court, the defendant and the complainant,preparation of statements during law enforcement and prosecution, taking prisoner prisoners and convicts.

We provide the following services to our clients under criminal law;

  • Victim or complainant attorney in criminal case,
  • Objection to protection measures such as arrest, seizure, search and detention,
  • Providing the evacuation requests to the court at all stages of the criminal proceedings,
  • Applications for appeal, appeal and decision correction,
  • Criminal cases where the Heavy Penal Court is in charge,
  • Criminal cases where the Criminal Court of First Instance,
  • Applications concerning the problems arising from enforcement law and prison practices.

Our law firm provides legal assistance under the leadership of Expert Attorney Ömer NAZLIM to the parties participating in the criminal proceeding process by providing the right to defense and the right to claim rights.

Presumption of Innocence

It is a legal principle that a person will be deemed innocent until proven guilty. According to this; the innocence of a person depends on proving his guilt, not that he is innocent. This principle, which dates back to the Old Roman Law, has become a common rule of law that has been universally accepted by international conventions.

Ask Heavy Penal Lawyer

In our legal system, the offenses under the Heavy Penal Code are defined as aggravated life imprisonment, life imprisonment and crimes requiring more than ten years of imprisonment(Article 12 of the 5235 numbered organization law). Our heavy criminal lawyers are always ready to answer your questions and consultancy service needs in solving disputes related to these crimes.