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Corporate Law

The amendments to the Law on Trade and Obligations, the two important laws of the Turkish legal system, which affect especially companies, require companies to review their existing contracts and apply new regulations to contracts. The fact that the amendments in the laws significantly differentiate the contracts of the companies, the functioning of the governing bodies and the audit principles made legal support indispensable. In this context, with the expertise of Lawyer Ömer NAZLIM, we help companies to implement new laws.

Nazlım Law Firm provides legal services to companies that may need legal solutions at every stage of their business life, and also serves in the board of directors and general assembly meetings requiring legal support in terms of legal problems. We advise companies on the compliance of capital increases and reductions and their use in different procedures.


Within the scope of commercial law, our client companies offer the following services;

  • Process management and legal consultancy in mergers, divisions and change types.
  • Legal consultancy in company relations between companies,
  • Establishment of the company and preparation of the articles of association,
  • Preparation of general assembly and internal directives of the board,
  • Legal consultancy during the operation, decision-making and implementation of the decisions taken by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • Consultancy in resolving disputes between the shareholders and the company,
  • Written and verbal information in order to carry out daily transactions in accordance with the law,
  • Preparation of any commercial contract with third parties and revising existing contracts.

In addition, we are conducting the establishment of companies' national and foreign companies and liaison offices. Capital Market, stocks and bonds transactions, Securities Management and Acquisition, portfolio management According to the laws and communiqués that are changed, we present our legal opinions under the leadership of Lawyer Ömer NAZLIM.