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Business Law

The principle of protection of the worker, who is based on the field of labor law, necessitated that the regulations on this matter should be made in a separate law. In this way, there is a special law under the name of the Labor Law. In this law; issues such as labor relations, workers' rights, working conditions and trade unions are regulated.

It should be noted that organized labor rights are minimum requirements. More can be ruled out by the employer, but less can not be adjudge.

In addition, although the labor law is a branch of law that emerged with the idea of ​​protecting the worker, the emergence of unfair situations against the employer has been tried to be prevented by this law.

Ömer Nazlım

What are Conditions of lawsuit of return to work?

It is sufficient for the worker to request a return to work. Compensation due to invalidity of termination and idle time, it is determined how many monthly wages will be charged since it is in the form of determinants of idle time. In addition, the amount of compensation and provision will not be established.

According to Article 11 of the Notification Law, notification must be made to the deputy in the works followed by the proxy. Accordingly, if the decision to return to finalized work has been followed by the lawyer; the ten-day period begins with the notification to the lawyer.

The worker may contact the employer either personally or through mediated means (through a notary, through registered letter or through a proxy). As long as ten days before this application can be made.

How to get severance pay?

If the worker leaves the job for a just cause, the worker leaves the job due to military service, the worker leaves the job for retirement, the female worker leaves the job within one year after the marriage and the employee dies, then the employee is entitled to receive severance pay. Another important point is the calculation of severance pay. This calculation is based on whether the worker is time-consuming or per-part. It is detailed in the law. If the employer does not give the right to the employee entitled to severance pay; the worker may open a case in a labor court where he / she works or where the company is headquartered.

The importance of time in labor law cases

Labor Law is an area where workers are protected, although not entirely. One of the main reasons for this situation is that the worker carries out his / her work as a subsistence activity. In this respect, any damage to the worker may have a significant impact both on his own life and on his family. The victimization of people due to these reasons can also harm community life. Besides, the fact that the persons who are in the position of employer are harmed due to the uncertainty of the workers' situation is an element that should be taken into account in terms of economic stability. Accordingly, we can say that ten years in compensation cases, 5 years in receivable cases and different periods of time in service cases.

In our country especially the protection of the rights of workers, it is an issue that is both due to the attitude of the employers and It is an issue that suffers from the lack of sufficient legal knowledge about the rights of the workers. Ömer NAZLIM, one of our lawyers who have legal knowledge in the field of Labor Law in our law firm, works with utmost effort to solve your problems in this field..

In this context; hiring cases, employee and employer claims, claims and severance pay, termination, mobbing (psychological pressure in the workplace, discrimination, harassment, etc.) caused by loss of rights and claims, service detection cases, and preparation and revision of service contracts are among our services.